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If you’re planning to tackle the Simpson Desert or the northern tip of Cape York, a roof top tent will make life so much easier.  That painfully slow task of setting up camp at the end of the day can be made quick and easy using the great camping products we have for you.

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Camping gear including roof top tents, awnings and a range of camping shelters will keep you and the family out of the elements and up off the ground.

If you don’t want to tow a camper trailer, the roof top tents are the best alternative for comfort, safety and ease of set up. There are two styles of roof top tents in the TJM range that are both 1.4 metres wide.  You can choose between the Boulia or Yulara tents with options of walls and a floor for downstairs cover.

How often have you stopped for coffee or lunch on a hot day with no trees in sight? The TJM Awning is your best choice for shade with a choice of 2.5 metres and 2 metres wide. These self standing and height adjustable awnings are sure to keep you cool on a hot day or dry in the wet. 



Bushranger have a range of Open Sky Awnings & Roof Top Tents, including the popular 2.5m x 2.5m side mount awning. They also have a vehicle mounted hot water shower and a remote LPG portable hot water shower kit.

bushranger awning gas hotwater shower


Hannibal Safari

Roof top tents, awnings, storage boxes and camping shelters. If you want to be set up in minutes when travelling the Australian Outback, then Hannibal safaris wide choice of tents and awnings are a great choice. Using Australian made canvas with 5 different widths ranging from 1.2 metre, 1.4, 1.6 1.8 and the biggest roof top tent on the market the 2 metre wide tent. With this choice you can easily sleep a family of four.  Hannibal Safari also has a range of awnings with great coverage. If you want the easiest awning in the world to use and set up then check out the Hannibal awning. This self standing awning has no poles, no pegs and no ropes.

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The 30 Second Tent.  Quick erecting ground tents and camping accessories, the Oz Tent is world renowned and is the ultimate in quick, easy, hassle free camping.

If you’re looking for a no fuss set up in 5 different sizes to choose from and a range of options, then this tent will suit you down to the ground.

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4WD awnings, camping awnings, vehicle mounted awnings. If you want to cover the side of your 4WD and the back at the same time then the choice is easy. Fox Wing and TJM can equip your vehicle without fuss. This 1 piece easy to operate awning is unique and can be set up in seconds.

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