Need more room in the car?  Your car and bicycle will be the best of friends with our towbar bike racks and roof rack bike carrying solutions. They’re better together. Seize the day and take your bicycle where it’s never been before. Our bike carriers secure your 2 wheeled beauty to your 4 wheeled beauty for a smooth ride.



Roof bike racks

The Frontloader

Universal fit to most kinds of crossbars - including aerodynamic factory bars - makes the FrontLoader our most versatile roof rack bike mount ever. It goes right from the box onto your car roof rack, and then to a very special place in your heart. 

WEIGHT: 5.9 kg (13 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: L 142.2 cm (56") X W 17.8 cm (7") X H 19.1 cm (7.5")
CAPACITY: 1 bike up to 18.2 kg at min. of 46 cm crossbar spread; or up to 13.6 kg at min. of 41 cm crossbar spread. 20" kids wheels to 29" mountain wheels. 


The Highroller

You can't get any more top-of-the line than the HighRoller. It's capable of securing anything from monster freerides to dainty princess bikes, without having to remove any wheels--ever. Now the only dirty things you have to put in your car are riders.

WEIGHT: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 139.7 cm (55”) long, 22.9cm (9") wide at hoop assembly, tray is 10.2 cm (4") wide.
CAPACITY: 1 bike up to 22.7 kg, minimum of 41 cm crossbar spread.
FITS: Whispbar, Whispbar HD, square and factory crossbars

Towbar Bike Racks

The Hold Up

The HoldUp is Yakima's fastest, easiest way to load bikes. Its beefed-up arm pivot makes it stronger than ever and the side-to-side adjustability reduces the chance for bike-to-bike interference. It's a road trip companion for life.

CAPACITY: 2 bikes, 27.3 kg per bike. Upgrade to 4 bikes, 109 kg total with the Plus2 accessory. Fits bicycles with 14"-29" wheel diameter and up 122 cm (48") wheelbase. 2.5" tyre width maximum.


The Full Swing

Now the family bikes can ride in style. The FullSwing™ has all the bells and whistles, from new ZipStrips™ to fully padded arms. It also swings away with one touch, for easy access to your car whenever you need.

WEIGHT: 25.4 kg (56 lbs)
LENGTH: 110.5 cm (43.5") x 66 cm (26") x 44.5 cm (17.5")
CAPACITY: 4 bike


 The Swingdaddy

The SwingDaddy is a swing away hitch rack with all the right moves. Get easy access to the rear of your vehicle anytime during your road trip, without the hassle of having to remove your bikes. So many usable features, including zero-hassle ZipStrips™ to secure your bikes and the integrated SpeedKnob™ for tool-free installation.

WEIGHT: 23 kg (50.6 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 1003 x 279 x 1118 mm
CAPACITY: 4 bikes



The KingJoe Pro

With uncompromised style and performance, plus bomber steel construction, foldable arms, and excellent vehicle protection, the KINGJOE PRO is a king among kings. And by "kings" we mean "truck carriers."

The Quickback

The QuickBack is so good-looking, easy to install and fast to load, it completely redefines what a trunk-style bike carrier is supposed to be. So if you work for a dictionary company, you should probably look into updating that particular definition.

WEIGHT: 6.3 kg (13.8 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 50.8 cm (20”) W x 31.8 cm (12.5”) H x 62.2 cm (24.5”) L folded, 
Arms Inside to Inside = 22.2 cm (8.75”)
Arms Center to Center = 26 cm (10.25”)
CAPACITY: 2 bikes, 31.8 kg (70 lbs) total. (Some applications limited to 2 bikes, 27.2 kg (60 lbs) total, see Fit List and Instructions.)

The SuperJoe Pro

If your wallet's in danger, the SUPERJOE PRO will come to the rescue. It's got everything you need from a heroic trunk mount, like easy operation, durable steel construction and a snazzy new look, at a price that won't have you crying out for help. If storage is a must, the SUPERJOE PRO's arms are not foldable as the KINGJOE PRO's are - you might want to bow to the KING if this is the case.


At Whispbar, we’re on a journey in pursuit of creating the world’s finest rack system. Not to merely defy convention, but to endlessly elevate the standard. To create racks designed to be beautiful and seamless. To thoughtfully engineer systems that make your vehicle perform beyond what you thought possible.

WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier

Description: The art of transporting bikes has been reinvented. The WB200 is a leader in premium aerodynamic design, is effortless to attach and remove, and secures to standard or through-axle forks without adaptors. The WB200 is the most premium fork mount bicycle carrier in the world. Also features Integrated Lock System and a limited lifetime warranty.

Max load: 17kg

WB201 Frame Mount Bicycle Carrier

Description: The sleekest and smartest bicycle mount of its kind. The all new clamping system automatically applies the correct pressure to allow bicycles to safely mount to the roof without the need to remove the front wheel. Plus it won’t damage the frame. Also features Integrated Lock System, effortless mounting and removal, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Max load: 20kg