Compressors and tyre repair kits

Whether you’re planning a trip along the beach or travelling through the Simpson Desert you’ll need an air compressor and a tyre repair kit. Pumping up your tyres after driving in sand or fixing a punctured tyre will be made easy with these accessories.

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The TJM air compressor is the ideal compressor - for anyperson, with any vehicle.  Designed with every application in mind whether it’s a weekend away or a full expedition. With its own carry bag, it can either be packed into your luggage space without damaging the upholstery or have it  permanently mounted and hard wired. This kit includes 7.2 metre air hose and a wiring system with alligator clips to hook straight up to the battery. The ease and speed of operation is of prime importance.


RV Air, Black Max or Max Air III Bushranger have a range of quality reliable air compressors and on-board air systems to suit most applications.  Portable or fixed mounting systems, there is an air compressor to suit your needs.

Tyre repair

Our Tyre Repair kits from TJM and Bushranger are the perfect partner to your portable air compressor and an absolute must when travelling into remote areas.  Both kits come complete with everything to carry out basic repairs.  Remember, any DIY tyre repairs are only temporary and must be repaired professionally when you get back home.


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This unit has been developed for the off roader that loves the best of everything, allowing the operator to stay out of the hot environment of the deserts in Australia or the coastal environment of Australia up and down the Eastern sea board, whilst inflating and deflating the tyres, accurate to within 0.5 of the set PSI.

The operation is simple, set the desired PSI on the screen and watch while the module automatically inflates or deflates to the set pressure, when finished the unit will beep…it is Pressure Perfect.

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