Drawer Systems and Fridge Slides

Keeping the interior of your vehicle neat and tidy is just one solution that a drawer system offers.  Keeping the family safe in the case of an accidental roll over is another.  With storage solutions like this available you are sure to tick every box and then some.

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One of the lightest drawer systems ever made, the ADR Crash Test Certified MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System boasts more storage space than most other systems with the same outside dimensions! Patented "Pro-Glide" technology smoothly handles up to 250kg per pair of drawers providing smooth opening under heavy loads as well as 100% drawer extension and access.  The entire drawer comes out further than the frame! No hard to reach items in our drawers and no unpacking of contents to reach items at the back.

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Interior accessories, drawer systems, overhead consoles and fridge slides.  If you're outback or on the job, Outback Interior Accessories have a range of storage systems for your 4WD.  Whether you want it stored away in an overhead roof console or in the rear drawers, you'll find a storage solution to suit your needs.


Fridge Slides


MSA Straight and Drop Slides

MSA 4X4’s Fridge Slides are an innovative design which allows you to safely access your fridge, providing easy, convenient access to its contents.

The Drop Slide is designed to slide smoothly out from its stowed position, before lowering 30cm in a safe and easy motion. This allows for the tray to remain in a horizontal position through the entire motion. The DS60 allows for complete access to the front and side of your fridge. It also offers a compact design which will not decrease storage space in your vehicle.

The Straight Slides are designed to suit vehicle rear set ups already at a low height. The slide extends smoothly out past your vehicle's tailgate or rear bar, remaining in a horizontal position. Its flat mounting base assists in allowing for a quick and easy installation.

MSA Drop Fridge Slide

MSA Straight Fridge Slide

Clearview Easyslide

The Easy Slide is a fridge lowering fridge slide. Featuring Australian design that safely lowers your portable travel fridge an impressive 290mm with the aid of powerful 1500N gas struts and a safety gear mechanism, the Easy Slide makes life easy. 




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