Xray vision

Which lighting technology do you need?

It's all about the type of driving you do and where you do it. The range overview below describes each type of lighting technology within the Xray Vision family to help you decide which technology—or combination of technologies—is right for your application.


HID Driving Lights

Outback and Country Driving - The ultimate in long distance performance

For anyone who drives in outback and regional areas, the power and distance of the HIDs are a MUST HAVE to avoid road hazards, wildlife, plus assist with reducing driver fatigue. Ideal for long haul transport operators, people who live and work in rural areas, and anyone who's planning to tour the great Australian outback.



LED Driving Lights

Coastal and Hinterland Driving - State-of-the-art lighting technology

The LED driving lights are ideal for use in semi-rural areas, along the coastal roads and highways, through hinterland winding hills, and for exploring beaches and bush tracks after dark. Suitable for interstate highway trucks, touring 4WDs, or even the family off-road wagon.


LED Linear Driving Lights

The shape of driving lights has changed forever!

Vehicles are getting sleeker, mounting areas are getting smaller.  An Xray Vision LED Linear Driving Light will mount anywhere you have a space, with four sizes in the range covering mounting hole distances from 145mm to 1296mm.

The LED linear driving light range combines Xray Vision’s unique state-of-the-art Quad-optic LED Multiplexer Projection Technology with a distinctive, sleek form-factor. Available in true pencil beam, spread beam, and dual
beam versions, Xray Vision quad-optic LED linear driving lights have changed the shape of driving lights forever!

QH Driving Lights

All-round General Driving - Great value, high quality lights

These versatile lights greatly enhance the vehicles existing headlights, making them useful for almost any task from highway coastal driving, to off-road exploring, to living and working in semi-rural and rural areas of Australia.





Off-road LED Lightbars

Off-road and Undulating Terrain - Saturates with light close-in and very wide

LED off-road lightbars are a great complementary lighting product to existing driving lights on a truck or 4WD, providing additional light between the vehicle headlights and the long distance beam pattern of the driving lights. They are also perfect for competition or extreme nighttime off-roading.


Other Xray Vision Products

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