Dual Battery Systems

Running a fridge or camping lights and even charging the camera via an inverter, all put a strain on your original battery. A dual battery management system is the answer. Here at TJM we offer a range of dual battery management and charging systems available for all types of requirements. If you want a cold drink and to still be able to start the car in the morning, then read on because this is for you.

What do I need?

This will depend on your exact requirements and application. All the systems we install will isolate your vehicle or boat starter battery from your auxiliary battery to ensure that it maintains maximum charge for starting. All your accessory items will be powered by the auxiliary battery leaving your start battery fully charged.

We have systems available for fitting in the engine bay, under the tray of utes or in your camper trailer, caravan or boat.

To safely install and operate your electrical accessories from an auxiliary battery you will require the following:

 Electrical Management System

 Battery tray frame or battery box to suit your vehicle or trailer

 Battery suitable for your application

 Power outlets and cabling to suit your accessories

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Dual battery charging systems, extra batteries, management systems and battery monitors.  Whether you’re planning to travel the outback or just want to keep the food cold in a 12V fridge on a shopping trip, TJM will have you equipped with the extra power to run a fridge, electric winch auxiliary lighting or even charging the camera battery. For a no fuss battery management system visit one of our stores to discuss your exact requirements.

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intervolt dcc pro

Battery to battery charging technology has been around for some time now.  There are a number of products available that compare favourably, some good, some not so good.  Intervolt’s goal from the outset was to design something better than the garden variety offerings so we created, what we believe to be the most innovative in-vehicle battery charging system to ever hit the market. The DCC Pro is a true 25amp charger that will charge at maximum rate at up to 50c and continue charging at a reduced rate to protect your batteries right up to 85c. It includes an in car dual read out monitor so you always see the charging status of your main and solar charging sources. The DCC Pro includes a MPPT Solar charge controller and is sealed to IP67 rating you can safely mount it in the engine bay or on your chassis.

Download interVOLT DCC Pro Brochure



Redarc has over 30 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of battery isolators, electronic voltage converters and associated products, inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, turbo timers, glow plug timers and trailer braking products.  



Baintech have a range of auxiliary battery accessories that include the Power Top Battery Pack, Keepower and Ctek battery chargers and an extensive range of quality sockets. The Power Top is a portable 100ah sealed AGM battery box which includes an in-built battery charger, a voltmeter with low voltage alarm and a range of output sockets to power your accessories. 

Download Powertop product sheet  Download Keepower


Goal zero

If your vehicle is not suited to fitting a dual battery system, Goal Zero have a great range of products to suit almost every power application.  Goal Zero are the largest supplier of portable solar power and off grid solar power products worldwide.  Goal Zero can offer a solar charger for any occasion or power requirement, whether it asolar phone charger, USB solar charger, solar car battery charger, all the way up to a solar generator. Our products are also designed to be modular, meaning you can mix-and-match our portable solar panels and portable solar chargers to develop customised power solutions. You can also chain any of our portable solar panels and solar chargers to grow and develop your energy hub.

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