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If you’re towing a caravan, camper trailer or using the 4WD to tow a builders trailer the time will come when you say “wish I had a little more power”.  This can be achieved by increasing the size of your exhaust and creating an uninterrupted flow for the exhaust fumes to escape.  This will improve the power of your diesel engine.

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Torqit Exhaust Systems

Through hard work and determination backed by a team of forward thinking team players and an unsurpassed level of service torqit provide a level of expertise, experience, service and product that place torqit at the forefront of its market sector.

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The new premium, ultra strong 4WD 409 Stainless Legendex Exhaust, offers an unrivalled 10 Year Warranty.  Aussie designed and made, Legendex delivers great power gains and fuel economy.

Genie Exhausts also offers a budget system, made from the same quality material as the Legendex without the extra features.  

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