General Accessories

Clearview mirrors

Clearview towing mirrors are Australia's only full replacement towing mirror, especially designed for towing caravans, boats and large trailers. They are a large set of side mirrors on a sturdy extension slide which can be pulled out when towing and pushed back in when not towing.

Electrically operated, they bolt onto your car in exactly the same position as your existing mirrors, using our current bolts and electrical plugs.

Life's easier with no straps, no brackets, and no extra mirrors to store. For looks, comfort and confidence when towing think Clearview!


 couplertec electronic rustproofing

Couplertec Electronic rust protection systems interfere with the oxidisation cycle, and in effect, trick nature. Acheived by feeding a constant flow of electrons into the vehicle so that the supply of electrons eceed demand, or loss of electrons.

Why choose couplertec? Over 500'000 systems sold worldwide. Will not void new car warranty. Plus peace of mind that your vehicle is fully protected.


  Couplertec Important Notice








ShuRoo is an Australian designed high-frequency vehicle protection system that helps to combat the problem of wildlife collision, particularly with kangaroos.For nearly 30 years, ShuRoo has worked with amazing successShuRoo creates a unique pattern of sound that is silent to humans but creates an extremely loud police siren type of alert to kangaroos. Any kangaroo in the ShuRoo range of projection, which is approximately 400 metres ahead of, and 50 metres either side of, your vehicle, will be alerted to your approach and likely move in the opposite direction, out of the projection range, or simply stay put where it is and watch you safely drive by.

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