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‘Just a little more grunt is all I’d like when I’m towing the caravan!’ We all just want a little bit more under the foot with today’s common rail diesel engines. With a high performance chip the ability to increase your power with the right driving style can also improve your fuel economy.  

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Torqit Exhaust Systems

Through hard work and determination backed by a team of forward thinking team players and an unsurpassed level of service torqit provide a level of expertise, experience, service and product that place torqit at the forefront of its market sector. 

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DP Chip

Performance chip, vehicle performance, extra power from my engine, diesel power chip, aftermarket chip. Do you want extra performance for towing or just highway driving but are worried about warranty. DP Chip and TJM have a 5 year no fuss warranty to put your mind at ease. With increases in power of anything up to 35% this performance will allow for better and easier towing and performance.

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