Water crossings, dusty roads or just clean fresh forced air flow to your motor, whatever the circumstance, a snorkel is the ideal option. The diversity of the Australian landscape and the changing climate can put you and your 4wd in a vulnerable situation. Don’t take the risk.

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Part of the fun and adventure of 4WDriving is the great diversity of climate and terrain that our great wide land offers.  Unfortunately, your engine doesn’t quite see it as fun and adventure.  To run efficiently in these conditions, an engine needs to breathe clean, dust and moisture free air.  Enter the TJM Airtec Snorkel: designed and tested by TJM engineers to give your engine cooler, cleaner air.  A TJM snorkel is made from the strongest, colour fast UV polymer matieral and is specifically engineered and designed to fit the natural shape of your vehicle.  We’re confident that your local TJM distributor can offer you great value on a TJM Airtec Snorkel, so you and your engine can drive away happy.