If you’re heading bush, bounding over a bumpy work site, towing a camper or caravan then TJM have your suspension solution. If you want comfort and safety then an aftermarket suspension should be on the wish list.




If wheels were your car’s feet, then suspension would be the legs. Just as the strength, length and flexibility of your legs impact on the way in which you move and the way you connect to the ground, different types of suspension determine the functionality, safety and comfort of your vehicle on different terrain. Made up of several parts that work together like joints and bones, suspension affects absolutely every aspect of driving.

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Original Equipment suspension is designed for comfort above all else.  The usable payload of many 4x4 vehicles today is minimal.  A vehicle with the required accessories suitable for your work or travel and a payload of camping/work equipment or a custom tray body may be close to or even exceed the Original Equipment allowable GVM.

Many people choose to modify their 4x4’s to improve its performance and longevity, basically investing in these vehicles to make them more fit for purpose.

If you are towing you also need to be aware of your Gross Combined Mass (GCM) and front and rear Axle Loads of your vehicle when combined with trailer or caravan. The GCM may lower the weight of the trailer or caravan you can legally tow.

GVM Upgrade Kits are comprehensively tested and certified to meet Australian Design Rules, for braking, steering and stability and operator comfort.  GVM Upgrade Kits for a limited range of vehicles are available for Pre and Post Registration applications. 

Please discuss your requirements with your local store.

GVM Upgrades and Common Terminology


polyair bags 

Airbags, bellows, red bag or black bag, no matter what you want to call them Polyair and TJM have been equipping 4wdrives looking for that extra support and load carrying capabilities for over 25 years. For leaf spring suspension or Coil spring suspension.

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Bull bars, Tyres, Drawer systems

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