UHF Radios

Communication can be critical in an emergency and travelling in remote areas of the Simpson Desert, Cape York and Kimberley, you will want to keep car to car communication clear and concise. New vehicles these days are proving challenging to install UHF radios. With various sizes and shapes we can now install UHF radios in some challenging locations.  For those that don't need a fixed mount radio there is also a range of hand held units that will suit you.

Brands Available


TJM Hand held

Do you have a mate without a fixed mount radio in their vehicle? Or do you just want to keep in touch with your crew during recoveries? TJM handheld UHF radios make that possible.



UHF Radio, CB, communication systems, antennas, 40 Channel or 80 Channel UHF CB Radio, if you want the best in communication GME and TJM have you equipped.  From Handheld radios, to remote mount radios to the new full function LCD microphone unit.



UHF 2 way radios, CB Radios, UHF transceivers, hand held radios and water proof radios. If you want communication then Uniden and TJM have the radio to suit you. Keeping vehicle to vehicle communications in the outback could save your life. So don’t leave home without one.



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