Water Storage and Tanks

If you’re travelling in the outback or going away for weekends then water on tap makes life much easier.  Having water in Central Australia could save your life so don’t risk it - set up your vehicle to carry water.  

Outback travelling tip - Carry drinking water in multple containers. If one container is damaged you won't lose all of your drinking water!




Gough Plastics is a North Queensland family owned and operated business with an environmental focus that influences every aspect of their profession.  Manufacturing products ranging from the automotive industry through to agriculture, Gough Plastics have a holding tank that will suit most requirments.



Poly RV Accessories

Enmach Industries is a renowned leader in the design and manufacture of quality engineered poly moulded and steel fabricated products. Enmach Industries’ range of products includes the selection of Poly Silo storage bins, agricultural and stock handling accessories, irrigation and water reticulation fittings, RV and 4WD tanks and other items.  Whatever your water storage needs and requirements Poly RV Accessories and TJM have you equipped with up to 40 different styles of water tanks. If you have a 4wd wagon, dual cab a camper trailer or a caravan check out our comprehensive range.  

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