Xray Vision Performance QH Globes Range

Superior quality upgrade globes for maximum performance

The Xray Vision range of performance upgrade quartz halogen globes are designed to provide superior light output and light colour over standard quartz halogen globes—without using any additional power and remaining legal for use on Australian roads.

These performance globes use a heavier duty filament that is thicker, stronger and has additional turns. They also have a superior mix of gases including Xenon, argon and crypton (all at much higher pressure) that are contained in a higher quality silica glass that is stronger and thicker to cope with the increase in temperature and pressure.

The performance upgrade globes range from quality OEM replacement globes, the amazing output of the Plus50% Outback globes, to the crisp white output of the Xray Vision Extremes.

Features of the Xray Vision performance QH range

• Improved light output and colour
• High performance without additional power usage
• UV cut and safe for use in polycarbonate headlights
• Clear glass on some models provide maximum output
• Blue tinted glass on some models provides whiter output
• OEM and Outback globes feature clear glass and a grey cap
• Crossover globes feature split colour tinting and a chrome cap
• Escape globes feature light blue tinting and a chrome cap
• Extreme globes feature dark blue tinting and a blue cap

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